Frontier and REgenerate workshops – Description

REcube intends to expose the students to cross-disciplinary education in Modern Heritage Preservation with focus on research, innovation, durability and care through the learning and training activities of the Frontier and REgenerate Workshops. These workshops will last each 5 days, for each year, the Frontier being online and the REgenerate being in presence. To implement learning activities in a greener way and sustain an eco-friendly approach, the Frontier Workshop is an online intensive course on cutting edge topics about pathologies and physics of reinforced concrete structures. The aim is to provide participating students with a complete overview applying a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical learning. It will be subdivided into (1) lectures and (2) an in-depth analysis of case studies belonging to Pier Luigi Nervi’s architectural heritage.

Outcomes will be integrated in the learning activities of the subsequent REgenerate Workshop, when students must implement the knowledge acquired in the Frontier. Consequently, for each year of the partnership, the REgenerate Workshops will centre on performing the multifaceted assessment and analysis of a different concrete architecture by Pier Luigi Nervi, to be preserved and repurposed. Always taking place in Lecco on the POLIMI campus, the REgenerate workshops will be intensive face-to-face study programmes based on a case study. Learners will evaluate and interpret the different data acquired on the chosen structure and present the problems to be solved as well as the preparatory analysis to be performed before the renovation design.