The inaugural exhibition of the Laboratorio Nervi on the POliMI Lecco Campus will be dedicated to the restoration of the Burgo Paper Mill designed and built by Pier Luigi Nervi in Mantua between 1961 and 1964. One of the most iconic works of Pier Luigi Nervi, the paper mill has been restored to its original splendour on the installation of a new continuous machine for the paper production.
The restoration project addressed the challenge to achieve maximum conservation of the existing and the greatest possible recovery of visual coherence with the original appearance of the Paper Mill, mediating between the needs of contemporary use and the conservative demands imposed by Nervi’s listed structure. The author of the intervention, Massimo Narduzzo, will give a lecture on the topic on Thursday, April 7th at 2.30 pm, at the PoliMI Lecco Campus. To participate in the lecture, click here