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In 2023, the charming city of Veszprém, located on the shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary, will take center stage as the European Capital of Culture. This prestigious title grants Veszprém a unique opportunity to showcase its rich cultural heritage, artistic expression, and forward-looking innovations to a diverse audience from across Europe and beyond.

The REcube Partnership and the Intermediary Conference

As part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations, Veszprém will host an intermediary conference dedicated to the achievement and results of the REcube partnership. The Second Multiplier Event of the REcube initiative is a collaborative effort between renowned educational institutions, the Politecnico di Milano, and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). The conference aims to foster creativity, exchange ideas, and explore the cutting-edge advancements in architectural and engineering practices while disseminating the goals and results of the REcube project.

Historic Venue – Petőfi Theatre

The conference will take place at the iconic Petőfi Theatre, an architectural gem and a symbol of innovation. Built in 1908, the Petőfi Theatre was the first European theatre to be constructed with a reinforced concrete structure, showcasing the city’s early embrace of modern construction techniques. This historic venue, steeped in cultural significance, provides the perfect setting to discuss the evolution of architectural practices over the years.

Focus on Green Concrete Heritage Regeneration

The conference’s first part will delve into the architectural aspects of green concrete heritage regeneration, celebrating the sustainable revitalization of historical structures. The second part will shift the spotlight to engineering aspects, showcasing innovative approaches to preserving and rehabilitating concrete heritage using environmentally friendly techniques. Read the full programme here.

A Global Audience

Thanks to modern technology, the REcube intermediary conference will reach a global audience. The entire event will be streamed live, providing an opportunity for architecture enthusiasts, students, professionals, and cultural aficionados worldwide to participate in the discussions and witness the exchange of ideas. The link for virtual participation is available here.

The European Capital of Culture 2023 in Veszprém promises to be an exceptional event, celebrating the city’s cultural richness, architectural heritage, and commitment to sustainable innovations. The REcube intermediary conference at the Petőfi Theatre is a testament to the city’s dedication to nurturing creativity, preserving historical landmarks, and contributing to the advancement of architectural and engineering practices in Europe and beyond.